Investor Relations

Partnerships are integral to Harbour BioMed's strategy to build a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company.

Analyst Coverage
Analyst(s) Firm
Sean Wu Morgan Stanley
David Li BAML
Tony Ren CLSA
Yang Huang Credit Suisse
Yuanyuan Sun, Jiaxi Xu Industrial Securities
Linda Shu, Edison Kong Haitong International Securities
Juying He, Qinghui Yuan China Securities
Xiaowei Lin, Mingrui Wang Everbright Securities
Xingqiu Lin Guoyuan International
Hao Liu, Yue Gao Hua Chuang Securities
Ningda Zhao, Ziyue Xu Essence International

This list of analysts was prepared based on material that was available at the time of writing. Therefore, please note that there may be other analysts who have not been included in this list, and that some of the information may not be the latest.

Please note that the analysts have conducted their own analyses of the Company's performance, businesses, products and technologies, and have developed their own forecasts. These processes do not in any way involve the Company or the management of the Company.