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Harbour BioMed has set up single cell technology since early 2019. By utilizing the optofluidic technology, we established the full process of single B cell cloning, including murine CD138+ plasma cell enrichment, single B cell separation in chip, antibody binding and functional in-chip screening methods, single cell antibody sequencing, high throughput recombinant antibody production and verification, etc. Comparing with the traditional monoclonal antibody screening technology, the single B cell cloning as an advanced new technology can greatly increase the efficiency and productivity of antibody drug discovery.







Harbour BioMed has established a robust pipeline in oncology and immunology since the company was established in 2016. The current portfolio includes five clinical-stage in-licensed compounds and a rapidly emerging set of therapeutics coming from its internal discovery efforts as well as co-discovery/development collaborations with academic institutions and biopharmaceutical companies.

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