Committed to Building Synergies with Our Partners to Bring Innovative Solutions for Patients.

Why Partner with Us

Partnerships are integral to Harbour BioMed's strategy to build a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company. Harbour BioMed has global R&D centers in USA, Europe and China to leverage local innovation for global use.


Our innovative portfolio reflects several partnership with other industry and academic institutions focused on the fields of immuno-oncology and immunological diseases.

  1. Platforms

  2. Capability From Discovery to Commercialization

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    Harbour BioMed is interested in combining its discovery capabilities, including its own Harbour Mice® (transgenic mice) Platform Technology, for generating fully human antibodies, and its expertise in clinical development, with potential partners’ unique resources and expertise to co-discovery/co-development biotherapeutics.

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    · Product Out-Licensing

    Utilizing the world renowned Harbour Mice® Platform Technology, Harbour BioMed has discovered many best-in-class, first-in-class therapeutic candidates that are in different stages of development. Out-Licensing of certain programs allows Harbour BioMed to maximize the value of our assets and concentrate on certain programs, while ensuring patients to have access to all potential therapeutics.



    · Technology Licensing

    The Harbour Mice® Platform Technology, which includes both the H2L2 and HCAb transgenic mice platforms, have been widely used by over 40 companies and academic institutions. The platforms were engineered to produce high quality, highly diverse and fully human antibodies, through natural process of in vivo maturation from carefully selected human immunoglobulin transgenes.

    Currently, there are at least 6 antibodies that are generated from our H2L2/HCAb platforms and have entered into human clinical trials. Besides, over 200 therapeutic candidates discovered from the H2L2/HCAb platforms are in pre-clinical study stages.

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    Academic Collaboration

    Combining the Harbour Mice® Platform Technology with academic institutes' core strengths in early stage research and discovery is an innovative way to rapidly move attractive therapeutic candidates into the next phase of clinical development.

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    Joint Venture

    With highly selected partners who have unique knowledge and insights on special diseases or technology areas, we may choose to create joint ventures with them to explore highly innovative programs to address high unmet medical needs. We have initiated a few JV projects with an aim for broad technology and resource pooling and collaboration in the joint discovery, development and commercialization of the assets generated on our Harbour antibody platforms for treatment of rare diseases.

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