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Technology Platforms

Our Harbour Mice® antibody technology platforms are supported by our comprehensive suite of in-house technology tools, including single B cell cloning, Next Generation Sequencing, immunizations, bioinformatics, protein science, yeast/phage/mammalian display library and antibody engineering only highlight most important ones. For example, combining single B cell cloning technology with Harbour Mice®, we have shortened time from target to high quality lead mAb candidates with exceptional biophysical properties to approximately four months, vs. the industry average of nine months. The fully human antibody panel from Harbour Mice® further saves time and complexity of the humanization process, thereby provides significant flexibility and choice of candidates to improve druggability properties for CMC and clinical development. We are one of the leading biotech companies in the world capable of integrating single B cell high throughput screening and fully human antibody transgenic mouse platform. This allows us to significantly increase efficiency and reduce overall costs.




Moreover, with our HBICE® bispecific technology, we can generate flexible corresponding formats to accommodate the different biology mode of actions. The mammalian direct cloning platform enables us to highly efficiently screen bispecific antibodies than traditional approaches.


We own exclusive global rights to use and develop our Harbour antibody platforms, which are protected by global patents and rights, enabling us to maximize the value of our platforms to address global unmet medical needs.


Furthermore, we have established a strong track record of success for our H2L2 Platform, which has been highly validated by over 46 industry and academic partners with 6 projects having entered into Phase 1 clinical trials as of June 30, 2020.


These achievements are testaments to our discovery team’s acumen and technical prowess in translating target biology into points of innovation or differentiation. Driven by an experienced group of over 100 scientists - with extensive research and drug development experience, our operation in the United States, the Netherlands and China is advancing our mission:


To Be the Leading Company Driving Global Innovation of Next-Gen Antibody Therapeutics.