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HBM7008 is a first-in-class bispecific antibody targeting Tumor-Associated Antigen B7H4 and 4-1BB that not only displays high potency in the T cell co-stimulation and tumor growth inhibition, but may also potentially translate to better safety due to its strict dependency on TAA-mediated crosslinking T cell activation.


HBM7008 is one of the fully human bispecific antibodies developed from the HBICE® platform of the Company. It is the only bispecific antibody against these two targets globally. Its unique specificity on tumors and immune modulation activity makes it a promising therapeutic for PD-L1 negative and/or PD-1/PD-L1 resistant and refractory patients. It also has the potential to avoid 4-1BB liver toxicity risk observed in other 4-1BB agonistic antibodies with the benefit of its innovative biology mechanisms and bispecific design.




Innovative B7H4 x CD3 & B7H4 x 4-1BB Bispecificsfor Solid Tumor Therapies 

Presented at 13th Annual Summit World Multispecifics, 2022