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HBM1020 is a first-in-class fully human monoclonal antibody generated from Harbour Mice® H2L2 transgenic mice platform targeting B7H7. The antibody can enhance anti-tumor immunity by blocking the novel immune checkpoint target. Preclinical data demonstrated its immune activation and anti-tumor functional activities.


B7H7 is a novel immune modulatory molecule belongs to B7 family members. The B7 family is of central importance in regulating the T-cell response, making these pathways very attractive in cancer immunotherapy. Most of the validated targets in immune-oncology so far are related to B7 family, including PD-(L)1 and CTLA-4. The therapies against B7 family targets have already shifted the paradigm for cancer therapy with outstanding clinical benefits. As a newly discovered member of the B7 family, B7H7 expression is found non-overlapping with PD-L1 expression in multiple tumor types, which indicates an alternative immune evasion pathway besides PD-(L)1. In PD-L1 negative/refractory patients, B7H7 potentially plays a more important role in tumor cells to escape immune surveillance, which is expected to be developed as next-generation immune-oncology therapeutics.


With its innovative biology mechanisms, HBM1020 may present a novel anti-tumor therapeutic complementary to PD-(L)1 therapeutics to patients, especially for PD-L1 negative/refractory patients.