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Harbour Biomed will give a presentation at Antibody Engineering and Therapeutics Conference 2017 in San Diego

December 05, 2017

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Harbour Biomed will give a presentation at Antibody Engineering and Therapeutics Conference 2017 in San Diego

December 05, 2017

Dec. 11th- 15th, 2017

Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego, San Diego, CA

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Scientific Breakfast Briefing #1


Time: 7:30-8:00 AM, Dec. 14th, 2017


Title: In vivo Platform for Generating Human “Heavy Chain Only” Antibodies for Drug Discovery


Presenter: Frank Grosveld, Ph.D., Professor of Cell Biology, Erasmus MC, and Founder of Harbour Antibodies BV


Profile: Dr. Frank Grosveld founded Harbour Antibodies in 2006 at Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He and his team were responsible for the development of two strains of transgenic mice for generating human therapeutic antibodies: (1) mice that generate antibodies comprised of two heavy chains and two light chains (H2L2) with fully human variable regions; and (2) mice that generate novel “heavy chain only” antibodies (HCAb). The HCAb mice enable the development of antibody fragment-based therapeutics such as nanobodies, bi-specific antibodies and CAR-T with favorable drug-like properties.


Dr. Grosveld studied biochemistry at the University of Amsterdam and obtained his PhD from McGill University. He is a Professor of Cell Biology at the Erasmus Medical Center. His group has filed considerable number of patents in the area of Immunology and Genomics and has closely collaborated with industrial partners. Dr. Grosveld is a fellow of the Royal Society and a member of the Dutch Academy of Science, and a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for Harbour BioMed.


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About Harbour BioMed

Harbour BioMed (HKEX: 02142) is a global biopharmaceutical company committed to the discovery, development and commercialization of novel antibody therapeutics focusing on oncology and immunology. The Company is building its robust portfolio and differentiated pipeline through internal R&D capability, collaborations with co-discovery and co-development partners and select acquisitions.

The Company’s proprietary antibody technology platforms Harbour Mice® generate fully human monoclonal antibodies in two heavy and two light chain (H2L2) format, as well as heavy chain only (HCAb) format. Building upon the HCAb antibodies, the HCAb-based immune cell engagers (HBICE®) are capable of delivering tumor killing effects unachievable by traditional combination therapies. Integrating Harbour Mice® with single B cell cloning platform, our antibody discovery engine is highly unique and efficient for development of next generation therapeutic antibodies. 


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