Therapeutic monoclonal antibody (mAb) is one of the fastest growing segment of the global pharmaceutical industry. More and more approved mAbs are fully human antibody. One of the major engines to generate fully human antibody is genetically engineered mice technology. Harbour BioMed uses transgenic mouse technology developed in the laboratory of Professor Frank Grosveld at Erasmus MC (Rotterdam, the Netherlands). HBM's transgenic mice were engineered to produce high affinity antibodies with fully human V domains. Over the past a few years, Harbour mouse platforms have emerged as industry leading with over 40 licensees including multinational pharma, biotechs and academia.
Harbour BioMed offers for licensing two strains of transgenic mice that can be used to generate human therapeutic antibodies: (1) mice that generate traditional tetrameric antibodies comprised of two heavy chains and two light chains (H2L2) and (2) mice that generate novel "heavy chain only" antibodies (HCAb).
The antibody generation in Harbour mice is through normal and natural process of maturation in vivo. Therefore, the powerful platforms can generate affinity matured, fully human and highly diversified antibody repertoire with excellent solubility and developability. The effectiveness and efficiency of Harbour mice can significantly accelerate the antibody discovery process which have been demonstrated by dozens of programs initiated by our partners. Moreover, Harbour HCAbs derived from the HCAb mice, can be easily manipulated into making bi-specifics, Antibody Drug Conjugates or VH domain-derived diagnostic or therapeutic molecules. It allows the scientists to develop products with attributes not achievable by conventional antibody platforms.

Introduction Of Tecnology Paltform:

H2L2 – Human Monoclonal Antibody Mouse Platform

  1. Mouse HC & kappa KO
  2. Human H & K random insertions
  3. Displays key characteristics upon immunization
  4. Hypermutation
  5. Affinity maturation
  6. Class switching etc
  7. pM affinities (biacore)

HCAb – Heavy Chain only antibody Mouse Platform

  1. Mouse HC knockout
  2. 3 lines generated V4, V18 & V8
  3. Generating tetravalent Abs
  4. Key characteristics:

    • Hypermutations

    • Diff J usage

    • Class switching